Using Social Media to Market Your Student Housing Property

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Using Social Media to Market Your Student Housing Property

According to Alexis Krisay, owner and VP of marketing at Serendipit, every post that leads to a call to action has a Facebook tracking code on it, so Serendipit can monitor click-throughs and the post’s success. “We’re really big on evaluating which content was most successful each month.” she says.

Most Serendipit posts are not related to leasing. “A lot of student housing communities fail because they are too sales-y on their posts and every one is about lease renewals and reduced application fees.” she says. “Maybe once a week we make a leasing-related post; everything else is exciting content.”

Serendipit posts content tied to the university community as a whole, not just items about the property. “If there’s a big basketball game on campus, we post a funny graphic, but we make sure every graphic has the property’s logo because branding is important.” says Krisay.

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